Aquatic Adventures with Avery: part 5

Hello Floaties Families!

I am so happy to be back at Floaties and to have opportunities to catch up with everyone. The kids have all grown so much over the summer and have become such little fish!


Like many of you, my summer was a very busy one. In early May my husband and I bought a house in San Marcos, and our son Dylan was born in late June. The oppressive summer heat was tough those final months.

The first six weeks post-partum are filled with many “cant’s”- including “can’t go swimming”. It was so hard to watch my husband take Avery to the local pool and hear of all the fun they had. I wanted so badly to be there; to get in the water and play with her. Luckily both my mom and husband were able to take her to the local pool, where she had fun splashing around and interacting with the other kids. I even had a moment of joy as she expressed interest in the local swim team practicing.

We also bought a little kiddie pool for our backyard so that Avery could splash around and keep cool in. Plus, mommy could say she owns a house with a pool (wink wink).

However, even when she was in the kiddie pool, I found myself wanting to get in the water and actually practice her swim skills with her, but I had to brush those feelings aside in favor of my daughter having fun.


That is what summer should be about- fun. Now that Fall is here, and Dylan is 3 months old, it’s time for us get serious about swim lessons again at Floaties. With the pool being indoors and warm, the seasons ‘cooler weather isn’t much of an issue for me. Also, considering that it is slower at the pool this time of year, September through May is the best time to swim. Classes tend to be smaller, and having the kids in consistent lessons year round will pay off come next summer. It’s comforting to know that come May, I can be confidant that my kids will have a strong swim foundation already established. Because of that, from now until May, I plan on keeping Avery and Dylan in weekly swim lesson. Dylan will get introduced to the water, and Avery will get back on track with her progression.

Avery loves coming to the pool, and it is the cutest thing ever to hear her say “Mr. Yee”( Lee) and I am so excited that Dylan will be swimming with Ms. Erin. It was such a joy to have Avery start her first lesson with Ms. Tracy, of whom I have had a wonderfully close personal finpecia online and professional relationship with for nearly 15 years. Well, Ms. Erin is also a longtime personal friend, of whom I have also had the pleasure of working with over the years. Needless to say, I am over the moon excited to share this experience with her.


You will see me in the pool with the kids on Monday nights, so please stop by and say hi. Since I will have to wear a bathing suit during the holidays, I think it will also be a “gentle” motivation buy fildena 100 for me to stay away from the Halloween candy, turkey gravy and all those scrumptious holiday treats. Perhaps I can start the trend that swim lessons not only saves lives, but saves pounds!

Happy Holidays!