Where are they now w/The Bilhorn Family?

1. How old were you when you started swim lessons at FSS? How old are you now?
I was 3 years old when I started swim lessons and am now 13 years old.2. What do you remember about your time at Floaties?
Not much, but I remember swimming outside at their house.  I remember one day going to the new indoor location and seeing the huge hole in the ground of a building.  I thought the locker room was cool.  I also liked the pizza place and getting pizza after swim lessons.  I remember one time we were even on the morning news.  The KUSI news crew was there to show the new pool for FSS.  We got to swim across the pool racing the reporter.  We won!

3. Are you currently active in any water sports and if so, what?
I am still swimming (never stopped).  I am in 7th grade at Twin Peaks Middle School and swim competitively year round.  Last month, I competed at Jr. Olympics at Palomar College.  I did a water polo camp last summer and liked it too. I want to swim for Poway High School and might try water polo too.

4. Do you love being in a pool or ocean more? Why?
I like being in a pool because I am always in one.  I swim 6 days a week and don’t have to do PE at school.  Swimming is better than running the track.

5. Any funny or favorite stories about Mr. Mike, Karyn, another teacher,  lessons….?
My Mom always tells the story of my first swim meet.  I was in the 4 and under group and she was so nervous for me.  I think she thought I wasn’t going to make it across the pool.  But Mr. Mike was there at the end when I finished my race.  He was with me when I was handed my first place ribbon.  My Mom cried!

6. What was our mascot and what was his name?

7. Would you consider working at Floaties and teaching children how to swim?

8. Will you be watching the Olympics this summer? What’s your favorite sport to watch? Favorite athlete?
I like watching the Olympics.  My parents have them on tv all the time, but I only watch the opening ceremonies and swimming.  I like Ryan Lochte.

9. Do you remember what we called the “strokes” to the 5 and under crowd?
I think they were called “Polar Bears” and I remember doing “safety circles” from the bench to the other side of Mr. Mike.