Becoming a Swim Instructor at Floaties Swim School

Dear Floaties Families –

I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about the training that your child’s instructor receives here at Floaties. I have been asked many times what our requirements for our instructors are and what the process is for teaching with us so I wanted to share some additional information with all of you.

As many of you know from experience our goal at Floaties is to make your child as comfortable and confident in the water and to make them water safe. By providing a safe and comfortable environment our instructors are able to push your child to become a confident independent swimmer.

Before an instructor is hired with Floaties they first go through an extensive interview process with management as well as trainers. Some of you may have had your child’s teacher interview during your class. If we feel someone is a good candidate to join our staff we ask them to come for 15-20 min and hang out in the water. This gives our trainers a chance to meet them and provide feedback, as well as get an idea of how they would actually interact with the children in a class setting. This process is not meant to take time away from your child’s class which is why an interview will never take up your full 30 min lesson. It is an important step to see how they will react if they were to be hired and given their own classes.

If we decide to move forward with a potential instructor then they begin a 3-5 week training process depending on previous experience. At Floaties we have our own philosophies and have spent endless hours to create a through training program. It is for this reason that the only certification we require is a current CPR certification. Even if an instructor has previous experience at another swim school they still go through our training process because they have never taught for Floaties. Ultimately what we look for in a potential swim teacher for Floaties is the ability to connect with kids. As I tell all trainees “I can teach you how to teach, but I cannot teach you how to like a kid.” It is because of this that many of our best loved instructors have come to Floaties with little or no teaching background but have learned the techniques to get your kids to swim while utilizing their existing gifts and natural ability to connect with children. Five years ago I came to Floaties with no teaching background, just a love for the water and the ability to relate with kids. I’m thrilled five years later to be in a position where I get to make this connection for other instructors.


Once an instructor is done with their initial few weeks of training however, they are not done with learning and growing. Just as you child is always learning and growing so is your instructor. Floaties greatest investment financially each year is in our instructors. In order to continue to be the best in our industry Floaties chooses to spend a lot of money each year on training. In addition to a new instructor’s initial training, all of our current instructors are constantly receiving additional training. We provide all of our instructors with voluntary monthly topics of discussion where they are able to come together as a group and share questions, concerns, or ideas for various topics that come up regarding children’s progression. There are also mandatory in service training days ever year for all instructors. These trainings go over company philosophy and techniques that will help push our instructors to continue to be the best in the industry.  This continued education for all employees is designed to keep raising the bar for all instructors regardless of experience and allow are more senior instructor to share their knowledge with an instructor that may be newer to our pool. At Floaties we believe all of our instructors are valuable and have information and experiences to share regardless of number of days taught.

Finally I wanted to address our wonderful trainers here at Floaties. In a transient industry such as swim lessons we try and find instructors who can commit to an extended time with us as we want consistency for your child. As we all know that does not always happen. But all of our instructors receive the same training so that if you have to switch instructors, either because you need to switch your times, or it is time for your currant instructor to move onto the next phase of their life, you can rest in the knowledge that your new instructor has the same wealth of knowledge and will be able to pick up your childs progression where your old instructor left off. This is where our Company Trainers come in. To become a trainer at Floaties you must go through an application and interview process and if promoted additional training. If you are on one of our trainers schedules and your child gets to work with one of our new hires don’t be discouraged, be encouraged…you have one of the best at Floaties and they are imparting their knowledge on the new staff who comes through our doors to keep the caliber of teacher high in our pool. Who knows you may need to switch times some day and you know another qualified friendly face that your child will do well with in the pool.

As always Floaties has an open door policy and if you have questions or concerns we would love to talk to you and work with you. We just wanted to take this month to let you know off-season is for growth. It is a great time for your swimmer to keep with lessons so they are ready for the summer, and it is a great time for our instructors to grow and keep learning new ideas and techniques.

We put a lot of time and energy behind the scenes to make sure your child is receiving the best lesson they can for their individual needs every day they walk through our doors.

Safe Swimming,
Floaties Swim School

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