“ISR” and “Survival Swim”

You may have heard of self-rescue swim lessons before and wondering how is the Floaties program “Learn to Swim” different compared to “ISR” and “Survival Swim”? ⠀


Learn to swim progression builds from the foundational elements and moves into age/developmentally appropriate skills. This tactic produces a calm, confident and efficient swimmer that has a knowledge base of survival techniques as well as the four competitive strokes.⠀


ISR progression builds from forced skill introduction and repetition. There is little consideration of a child’s emotional state and moves into aquatic survival skills of back float and eventually float, roll, float. Little attention is paid to technique and water comfort. Future swim skills are disregarded.⠀


Many ISR swim programs have been banned in countries like Australia and has been branded as a traumatic and dangerous way to learn to swim as a child.

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