Swim lessons save lives for many children across America every year. We strive to lower the number of deaths related to drowning. Swimming should be a fun activity for children as long as they know the importance of water safety. Do not rely on ISR (Infant Swim Resource) programs or “self-rescue” classes as an easy and quick way to get your children water safe this summer. Find out why below:⠀


A child will never be 100% drowned proofed, these classes can lead to be more traumatic for children long after they get out of the pool. Due to their strict goal orientated focuses, children do not build a trusting relationship with their instructors or with the water before forced submersion. ⠀


Floaties refers to our program as “Learn to Swim” which the eventual goal of a lifelong swimmer with the foundational skills for the four competitive swim strokes.⠀


“Survival swimming” programs that guarantee a survivor in a certain amount of time, with the skills necessary to save themselves in an emergency situation at varying degrees.⠀


Remember that every child is different and swimming is a year round sport that must be practiced in order for it to become a skill that is mastered.

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