Floaties Swim School is an embodiment of founder Mike Morrill's lifelong mission to enrich the lives of the children in our communities through water safety awareness and a love of swimming.

Mr. Mike started teaching swim lessons in high school, and even then, his future plans included opening a swimming facility of his own.  As a former water polo athlete and San Diego beach lifeguard, Mike always knew he was destined for a lifetime in the water.  In 2000, he took a job as a swim instructor at a local swim school in Pacific Beach and he found his passion for teaching infants and children the importance of water safety.  Soon after, he started traveling pool to pool, hosting swim lessons in local family’s backyards, all while refining his techniques and reputation as the most sought-after instructor in San Diego County.  His nick-name as the “floating swim lesson guy” eventually transitioned to “floating lessons” as he began to train new instructors and set up shop in his own backyard.  During those first 2 years, Mike and his small team taught over 150 students.  With growing waitlists and demand continuing to rise, the first brick and mortar Floaties Swim School opened in Mike’s hometown of Poway on May 12th, 2008 (which is still open today!).  

Mr. Mike and his three children (seen above), all grew up in Poway, are pictured when you walk around the Floaties facilities.  Sometimes, you can even find the Morrill kids in the pool helping their dad teach!  Mr. Mike’s passion and commitment to water safety and preventing childhood drownings is still at the forefront of the Floaties mission. He says, “At Floaties, we treat your children like they are part of our family.  It’s so important that all children are taught water safety at an early age in a fun environment with knowledgeable and professional instructors.” 

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