What’s cuter than a baby in a swimsuit? And what’s more reassuring to a Mom or Dad than knowing your child is capable of swimming and at ease in the water? Floaties Infant classes are designed to enrich your child’s physical, social and emotional well-being, while creating a fun and relaxing bonding experience between you and your child.


Having confidence in and around the water can not only be lifesaving, but allows for the participation in many aquatic based activities, including boating, surfing, and scuba diving. Floaties Swim School “Core” lessons are designed to help the novice swimmer gain confidence with the pool.

Intro to Strokes

This class is designed to further deepen your child’s practice and mastery of Freestyle and Backstroke, while introducing them to the Breaststroke and Butterfly. The instructor works closely with each child to create an individualized and dynamic lesson plan unique to their needs.


Strokes class is a swim team preparatory class designed to help kids transition to the outdoor, competitive swim environment. In these classes, swimmers will build endurance, fine tune their strokes and learn to swim more independently.


The Pre-Swim Team class is help after hours without the distraction of younger children. The Pre-Swim Team class was created to bridge the gap between our Strokes class, and a traditional swim team environment.


Learning to swim as an adult can be incredibly rewarding. Being a proficient swimmer opens up a whole new world of opportunities – boating, water skiing, snorkeling, or simply splashing around with kids or grandkids. Adult swim lessons are for all ages and ability levels. Our adult lessons are taught in a group format, led by a skillful instructor who can help you break that swim plateau.