Age Range

18 years and up

Class Time

60 minutes

Class Days

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Instructor / Swimmer Ratio



1 Session Per Week: $104 (Contact your location for available class days)

Makeup classes do not expire if the membership lapses.

Learning to swim as an adult can be incredibly rewarding. Being a proficient swimmer opens up a whole new world of opportunities – boating, water skiing, snorkeling, or simply splashing around with kids or grandkids. Adult swim lessons are for all ages and ability levels. Our adult lessons are taught in a group format, led by a skillful instructor who can provide feedback on stroke technique, offer an extra level of coaching to help you break that swim plateau, or give personal assistance to adults struggling with aqua fears. Classes are held upon client requests. The first lesson is free, so that you can literally “test the water” before investing. In addition, your lessons will not expire and they do not have to be attended consecutively. We know adults are busy, and so we strive to provide lessons that will work with your schedule. If learning to swim is still on your bucket list of things to do, let Floaties Swim School help you achieve your goals.
Special Needs:
Classes are created on an individual basis to suit the needs and goals of each student. Several of our instructors have been trained to work with children who have special needs and we have seen amazing progress in their swimming abilities.

Trained & Experienced Instructors

Floaties Swim School takes pride in hiring swim instructors who showcase a natural talent for working with children, have previous teaching or coaching experience, or a background in child development. Training is extensive, and involves a combination of hands-on training, teacher observations, and studying material about our progression line.

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