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    Age Range

    *Skill Assessment Required

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    Class Time

    30 minutes

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    Class Days

    Contact your location

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    Instructor / Swimmer Ratio

    1/16 max


1 lesson per week $104
2 lessons per week) $193
3 lessons per week $272

Each additional class per week is an additional $89 per month.

Active Duty Military Discount Available.

The Pre-Swim Team class is help after hours without the distraction of younger children. The Pre-Swim Team class was created to bridge the gap between our Strokes class, and a traditional swim team environment. This class promotes a more technique based approach alongside endurance building. The Pre-Swim has a max of 16 students, providing for more individual attention than the traditional swim team environment which can have 30 or more students in a level taught by one coach.  Floaties believes swimming should be fun, and the Pre-Swim Team provides a space for our students to expand upon their skills, without the stress or commitment of a traditional swim team. We strongly recommend student bring goggles and swim caps for the class.

Class Requirements:

Solid understanding of all four competitive swim strokes, ability to learn and adapt to instruction independently with minimal hands on teaching, demonstration of basic endurance to accomplish a full one hour class.  Must pass assessment prior to sign up.

Trained & Experienced Instructors

Floaties Swim School takes pride in hiring swim instructors who showcase a natural talent for working with children, have previous teaching or coaching experience, or a background in child development. Training is extensive, and involves a combination of hands-on training, teacher observations, and studying material about our progression line.

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