Floaties Life Jacket Safety

Floatation devices like these are harmful for multiple reasons.

  1. It limits the use of arms and legs in the water, providing a false sense of safety without requiring any physical action from the child. The second is that
  2. It promotes a dangerous body position in the water that will reverse your child’s innate knowledge of their natural buoyancy, thus regressing from skills learned in swim class, or for infants, their natural instincts in the water.
  3. The lack of an under body strap makes it incredible and horrifyingly easy for a child to slip out of the device, or become tangled an unable to move. These types of products are A DROWNING RISK.

A life jacket is the preferred option and a much needed extra layer of safety.

  1. Free movement of limbs and keeps the child’s head above water without sacrificing their ability to understand their own natural buoyancy in the water.
  2. Use life jackets that have a secure under torso strap around all bodies of water.
  3. Alternately time in the water with a lifejacket with hands on playtime under direct parent supervision. This will ensure the child’s safety without the sacrifice of a dangerous false sense of security. https://louisvillemensclinic.com/the-mens-clinic-experience/
  4. Do not rely solely on a life jacket to keep young children safe. Appoint a water watcher cialis online and keep close watch on children at all times while enjoying time at the lake, beach, or pool.

Contact Floaties if you have any other questions about Drowning Prevention and Water Safety.