The Floaties Way

Floaties Swim School is proud to serve its community with the service of water safety and drowning prevention. Our staff takes pride in their jobs, knowing the skills students learn could eventually save their life. As instructors become familiar with the Floaties Way, it quickly becomes apparent why swimming at Floaties sets each child up for swimming success.

At the heart of the Floaties Way is the importance of building trust and rapport with a child first. Learning can only be successful if a child is interested and engaged. Fear, intimidation or a lack of empathy has no place in our curriculum. Working through our progression line is serious swim business, and student and instructors work hard to ensure children are progressing through each milestone. Floaties instructors all have extensive training on how to work with children of all ages, abilities and comfort levels, and our curriculum is ground in coaching science, motor learning and child development. While each instructor brings their unique personality to the classroom, teaching the Floaties Way is universally learned and practiced by each instructor, thus ensuring that children receive similar instructions should they need to switch instructors.

Floaties works very hard to ensure the longevity of instructors, as rapport and consistency are the utmost of importance in learning. However, instructor switches do happen, and when it does, parents can be confident that while the instructor may be different, the Floaties Way will remain the same.

Rapport, Empathy, Positivity and Patience- that’s the Floaties Way!

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